Responsible Lending

At, we prioritize safeguarding our clients from unfair lending practices. To this end, we undertake several key actions:

  • Providing essential information on the loan industry's current landscape, responsible lending practices, and the implications of failing to make timely payments.
  • Ensuring clarity in our communications, making complex loan-related information understandable.
  • Treating every client with the utmost respect, fostering transparency in all our interactions.
  • Striving continuously to deliver exceptional service and support.
  • Insisting that our lending partners adhere to Fair Lending practices to protect our clients.

Lending Partners

Our collaboration is exclusively with lenders who are legally authorized and adhere to the law, ensuring our clients receive high-quality, risk-free services.

Upon connecting with a lender, we advise reviewing their details thoroughly to ensure clear communication and understanding of their terms and conditions.

Impact on Credit Score

Your financial actions, including loan applications, are reflected in your credit score—a numerical representation of your creditworthiness. Factors that might negatively influence your score include late or missed payments and hard credit inquiries. Yet, even those with less-than-perfect credit may find loan approval, subject to credit checks.

Late Payments

We advocate for responsible borrowing and urge taking loans only within your repayment capacity. Late payments might incur fees, detailed only upon loan finalization by your lender. It's crucial to review loan documents carefully to understand potential late payment penalties.

Missing a Payment

On-time repayment is encouraged to avoid additional fees and credit score impacts. Lenders have distinct policies regarding missed payments, outlined in your loan agreement.


Some lenders may offer rollovers, allowing for a loan's due date extension at a fee. This fee doesn't decrease the owed amount, and the interest rates on rollovers are consistent with those of the original loan.

Types of Renewal Policies

Lenders have varied renewal policies, generally categorized into unlimited renewals, which can be costly, and limited renewals, either automatic or initiated by the borrower.

Collection Practices

Failure to communicate with your lender about late payments might lead to collection efforts, including notifications via phone, mail, or email. Ignoring these attempts may result in your debt being forwarded to a collection agency.

We encourage our borrowers to thoroughly read their loan agreements for a comprehensive understanding of their lender's collection practices and to communicate proactively with lenders to address any repayment issues.

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